#218 CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS | Aristocrazia Webzine


Dear Aristocratic readers,

what about spending Christmas listening to the horrible music we usually write about? This week we have three articles which will make this day a bit better; at least, you won't be listening to the usual Christmas songs.

Let's start with In Tormentata Quiete's latest effort "Finestatico": a work defined as «distant light, dimmed and arrogant, living off darkness and dying of light» by Dope Fiend and another great album by this Italian band, following a journey through the history of the Universe. Just a bit ambitious, right?

For the more down-to-earth listeners, we also have something interesting. Grodek's "Downfall Of Time" is an astonishing piece of Doom-Death Metal struggling between decadent aggressiveness and melancholy; if you enjoy this kind of stuff with some Opeth influences, you will definitely love this one.

Finally, we drown in the fury of Anima Damnata: their asphyxiating Black-Death violence is the child of Chaos and Evil; something that you obviously want to try, of course.

So, that's all for this Christmas-themed (yeah, sure) update. Merii Kurisumasu!

Anima Damnata – Nefarious Seed Grows To Bring Forth Supremacy Of The Beast
Grodek – Downfall Of Time
In Tormentata Quiete – Finestatico

Eye Sea Black – Stigma

Cradle Of Filth – Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of The Decay
Misanthropic Rage – Gates No Longer Shut
Sólstafir + Myrkur + Árstíðir (02/12/2017 @ Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb)

文雀 [Sparrow] (25/11/2017 @ Nuts Livehouse, Chongqing)
Perished – Kark

A Devil's Din – One Hallucination Under God
Blow Up Vol. 3 (13/10/2017 @Korjaamo, Helsinki)
Tele.S.Therion – Interview

Nesseria – Interview
Satyricon – Deep Calleth Upon Deep
打玩艺儿 [Dawanyier] – Live (09/11/2017 @ Nuts Livehouse, Chongqing)