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I hope you've had enough of these latest, happy holidays: now's finally time to get back to work and we'll be providing you with the perfect dose of blackness to do that! As the header clearly states in the kvltest of the languages, «black metal is abundant on our pages» and, in fact, this update only features black metal bands.

Starting from its purest forms, Polish one-man-band Absque Cor's debut album completely blew out Crypt Of Fear's mind, surprising him with its amount of good…ehm, pardon me, bad music. In addition to that, coming out right from our archives, there's a little surprise to you: an old interview our Mourning did with Swedish blacksters Styggelse — for those who missed it when it first appeared on our pages back in 2010.

Speaking of sub-genres, instead, LordPist introduces us Russian multi-instrumentalist Vaarwel's project Frozen Ocean, whose latest "Transience" is more of a collection of cosmic vibes from the vast production of the act: some kind of compass for everyone who wants to approach his music, possibly. Lastly, our Elisunn takes us back to 2016 with her review of Warfist's album "Metal To The Bone", a release filled with the Polish band characteristic, well-refined thrash/black blend.

That's once again all from Yours Trvely, readers. See you next week. Heppa hei!

Absque Cor – Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć
Frozen Ocean – Transience
Styggelse – 2010 Interview [updated]
Warfist – Metal To The Bone

Farflung – Unwound Celluloid Frown
Hallatar – No Stars Upon The Bridge
Krowos – Verbum Luciferi
Playlist 2017

Anima Damnata – Nefarious Seed Grows To Bring Forth Supremacy Of The Beast
Grodek – Downfall Of Time
In Tormentata Quiete – Finestatico

Eye Sea Black – Stigma

Cradle Of Filth – Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of The Decay
Misanthropic Rage – Gates No Longer Shut
Sólstafir + Myrkur + Árstíðir (02/12/2017 @ Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb)

文雀 [Sparrow] (25/11/2017 @ Nuts Livehouse, Chongqing)
Perished – Kark

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