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Dear readers,

Spring is just behind the corner, with the promise of bringing us sun, warmth and happiness. Let's keep things straight and dark, for this update, shall we? Brace yourself, then, for doom is surely coming, disguised in different shapes.

Hailing from Poland, death-doomsters Rites Of Daath published their debut release "Hexing Graves" via Godz Ov War Productions. That disc is in our Bosj's opinion a good EP: the band first work is made of the basic elements of this extreme genre, though it suffers of some common issues. Will it be a big problem or not?

The Father Of Serpents take doom metal quite seriously, too: their debut album "The Age Of Damnation" (Satanath Records / United By Chaos) sounds much like 90s Paradise Lost. LordPist thinks their work might not be revolutionary, though their gothic doom may be considered a good addition to the Serbian scene.

In the end, although they might be described as a punk / garage rock band, the latest album of Norwegian The Dogs is definitely as doom as the other records named above: its darkness, though, is just kept inside, well preserved within the raw and sad lyrics of that 10-songs-tracklist record. "The Grief Manual" is an amazing disc, in Elisunn's opinion: another great and exemplary work of theirs!

Well well, that's all once again, dear friends. See you next week for some more suggestions from your favourite webzine. Heippa hei!

Rites Of Daath – Hexing Graves
The Father Of Serpents – The Age Of Damnation
The Dogs – The Grief Manual

Onyric Joy – Tales From The First Light
Perihelion – Interview
Tchornobog – Tchornobog

Alienfood – Todogluten
Amenra + Boris (27/02/2018 @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljiana)
Humanity Zero – Withered In Isolation
Mother Misery – Megalodon

In Human Form – Opening Of The Eye By The Death Of The I
Myrkur – Folkesange (10/02/2018 @ Konepajan Bruno, Helsinki)

Ashen Epitaph – The Formed Filth Enigma
Led By Vajra – ΨΥXN

Arkhon Infaustus – Passing The Nekromanteion
Eva Can't – Gravatum