Dear readers,

Have you had the same, strange feeling we had about April and the music released over last month?

It began with Dimmu Borgir's most anticipated, long-awaited and mostly disappointing "Eonian", which reminded us both how far their tastes have gone from the beginning and how flat, nowadays, some of those big, famous acts have come to be. Undoubtedly not everyone ages like Ulver, but some evolutions feel indeed wrong to most ears, don't they?

Other bands, instead, keep on releasing new stuff and still give us those emotions and good vibes we expect them to. Just take a listen to Sleep's most unexpected new record "The Sciences", then: that marked a high quality 4/20 for sure! Those guys are not much older than Shagrath, Silenoz and Galder and yet their music feels younger, more fresh, more original and, overall, better.

All right, those Norwegian blacksters have just released their tenth studio album, but that doesn't change the fact that they (and lots of bands, mostly on the mainstream side of our music underworld, actually) have been releasing things quite randomly for over a decade; and this very attitude is just suffocating the underground and killing every smaller bands' possibility to have any sort of future.

Are we doomed, then? Are we facing a greenhouse effect within the metal world? In the meantime, we keep on nurturing underground releases; and if it'll be doom, at least it'll be something we like.

Paragon Collapse – The Dawning [2018: doom metal]

Hürlement – La Mort Sera Belle [2017: heavy metal]

Laconic Zero – Dead To Sun [2018: avantgarde metal, hardcore, experimental, electronic]

Coltsblood – Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness [2017: death metal, doom metal]
Monads – IVIIV [2017: funeral doom metal]
Ufomammut + Hate & Merda (06-04-2018 @ Alchemica Club, Bologna) [stoner, doom metal, hardcore, noise]

Insomnium + Tribulation (30/03/2018 @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana) [death metal, gothic rock]

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