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For better or for worse, Babymetal violently shook up the metal scene, especially the Metal one which had to be put together with the sugary sweetness of J-Pop. As if it wasn't enough, the three idols' recent comeback added even more chaos, this time even among diehard fans.

Both the video for "Distortion" which seems like a trailer for a new Marvel movie, but especially Yuimetal's absence — replaced by two mysterious figures — at the U.S. shows are the reasons why Hell was unleashed. This leads your dear Vlakorados to two issues.

The first one is about their agency: Amuse has often been criticized for its behavior towards fans; in this case, I wonder if it is correct to act as if nothing is happening when one of the members will not attend a whole tour. It gets even worse if we think that we are talking about idols, characters made to be worshipped, but we can't deny that going to a show of any band just to discover that the main members are not there is quite annoying; just think about seeing Alcest without Neige, Cradle Of Filth without Dani or Spice Girls without Geri Halliwell. It doesn't matter if there is a story behind this absence — as Amuse tried to say — if I lost the chance to admire Yui's cheeks at their show in Bologna I would have asked for a ticket refund.

The second issue is about the fanbase: the mass hysteria, although partially understandable, has been more than exaggerated. In some way, Amuse already announced some changes with seven new mysterious members; there was no reason to think that Yui was not part of Babymetal anymore, as many feared. The more conservative fans even criticized the not-so-kawaii new look and the new members, saying that the true Babymetal is just the world-wide famous trio. It's actually appreciable that a group that could just rest on its laurels is trying to renew its image, even if the way it is evolving is quite questionable.

In all this, few people talked about the main problem: "Distortion" is a disappointing song, saved only thanks to the «uoh-uoh-uoh-uoh» in the chorus and few other details.

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