#239 HELL-IN-THE-(MAIL)BOX | Aristocrazia Webzine


In a couple of weeks our webzine's turning 9 years old and over these years we've collected lots of contacts, from both bands and labels, PR agencies and so on. (un)Fortunately, that implies that we receive dozens and dozens of messages — both on Facebook and via email — every day with the most peculiar requests.

Many people send us messages without having the bare idea of what our site looks like, asking us to publish news and press releases, some even asking us to find them a record deal. Some others just ignore our Manifesto, assuming they could fill our mail with flimsy digital files. Every time we have to look for those requests and throw them away, and right after that we can focus on dealing with those who share the same point of view on music we have. On the other hand, our staff truly is spoilt for choice, thanks to the tons of requests we get, especially as we speak of extreme music, our strong point.

Dealing with that amount of messages is bloody hard work, and keeps us a little too busy; forgive us, then, if it takes a little (much) time for us to answer your messages, but we have to check out each and every one of them as accurately as possible. If you want to help us, please take a look at our site and our Manifesto before sending us anything: mailing us empty messages attached with trap music mp3 files weighting dozens of MBs wouldn't be the best idea ever, if you see what I mean…

Falaise – My Endless Immensity [2017: black metal, post-rock, shoegaze]
Rome In Monochrome – Away From Light [2018: doom metal, post-rock, shoegaze]

L'Ira Del Baccano – Paradox Hourglass [2018: prog rock, hard rock, psych rock]

Paragon Collapse – The Dawning [2018: doom metal]

Hürlement – La Mort Sera Belle [2017: heavy metal]

Laconic Zero – Dead To Sun [2018: avantgarde metal, hardcore, experimental, electronic]

Coltsblood – Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness [2017: death metal, doom metal]
Monads – IVIIV [2017: funeral doom metal]
Ufomammut + Hate & Merda (06-04-2018 @ Alchemica Club, Bologna) [stoner, doom metal, hardcore, noise]