Dear aristocratic readers,

If there's any recurring event people tend to celebrate the most, that is definitely the anniversary of their come to this world. Sure, some might hate it, and that may appear controversial to sombody's ears, though it make perfectly sense: life's not easy for everyone, nor good — not always, at least (as when In Flames drop a new album). Anyway, it's indisputable how such event is overall significant to each and all of us; and most people like to celebrate it doing what they like!

As it concerns the staff of your beloved webzine, then, we are first in line to celebrate this special anniversary! This project we have, the passion we share, is something we deeply care about; and turning 9 years old is anyway a big success, in this subterranean field, isn't it? Therefore we decided to celebrate the birthday of our Necrolodge with all of you readers, who've been following us and supporting this dreary dream we all are desperately fond of. And what better way could we choose to do that if not through releasing one of our greatest playlists of bad music on Spotify?

Future is uncertain («Will we make it?», «Will this 'zine still be online next year?», «Will we ever witness a Summoning live gig?») and past is dead and gone (here's a little obituary about us): present, on the other hand, our present, is here and now — and it's still trve evil, as bad as it's been for the last 9 years!

All hail Aristocrazia Webzine!

Aristocrazia 2009-2018
Soul Dissolution – Stardust [2018: black metal, post-metal]

Pavillon Rouge – Dynasteïa Klub [2018: black metal, electronic, industrial metal, new wave]

Falaise – My Endless Immensity [2017: black metal, post-rock, shoegaze]
Rome In Monochrome – Away From Light [2018: doom metal, post-rock, shoegaze]

L'Ira Del Baccano – Paradox Hourglass [2018: prog rock, hard rock, psych rock]

Paragon Collapse – The Dawning [2018: doom metal]

Hürlement – La Mort Sera Belle [2017: heavy metal]

Laconic Zero – Dead To Sun [2018: avantgarde metal, hardcore, experimental, electronic]

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