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Dear aristocratic readers,

You've come to understand quite well how much we love other genres of music beside the more extreme fringes of metal. Well, a couple of days ago, I've randomly discovered All My Faith Lost…, a band whose ethereal music renewed my deep need for gothicness and neofolkish classicism. That's how I got once stuck into thoughts about an unseen past, once I could have never lived in, and about live shows I might have attended, then; and that everlasting, bittersweet melancholia still embraces me, even now that I'm writing this column — listening to Ashram's self-titled album.

Unfortunately I discovered that All My Faith Lost… status is on-hold and that made me quite sad, though not all those who wander such musical path are hibernated. Speaking of Italian acts — as we much like to do —, Ashram and Corde Oblique have been quite active, lately; and let's not forget about Ataraxia, of course: they are undisputed maestros of this kind of melancholic and, how to say, refined darkness. I know, those are not the most active bands in the world (or at the moment) but their hearts still beat wildly in their chests!

If you're into this kind of tunes and you don't know them, fear not, for you won't have to dig deep to understand. Ashram published last year their third record "Human And Divine", which stands as a synthesis but also as a monument of their evolution throughout their 20-years-long carreer, while Corde Oblique, on the other hand, have just released "Back Thorugh The Liquid Mirror" live in studio album, whose tracklist pays tribute to their long life, too, summing up the changes they passed through. Speaking of Corde Oblique, they'll be playing live with the complete line-up in Naples next July 5: another proof of their unextinguished will to art.

Satan worhipping metalheads, just take a pause from your daily hating-everything-and-everyone-that's-not-enough-krieg and hide from the Italian sunny days listening to these dark art masters: they'll be definitely able to provide you with the right amount of spleen!

Convocation – Scars Across [2018: death metal, doom metal]

Electric Wizard – Wizard Bloody Wizard [2017: doom metal, psychedelic rock]
Pryapisme – Epic Loon OST [2018: avantgarde metal, experimental, progressive metal, soundtrack]

Aristocrazia 2009-2018
Soul Dissolution – Stardust [2018: black metal, post-metal]

Pavillon Rouge – Dynasteïa Klub [2018: black metal, electronic, industrial metal, new wave]

Falaise – My Endless Immensity [2017: black metal, post-rock, shoegaze]
Rome In Monochrome – Away From Light [2018: doom metal, post-rock, shoegaze]

L'Ira Del Baccano – Paradox Hourglass [2018: prog rock, hard rock, psych rock]

Paragon Collapse – The Dawning [2018: doom metal]