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below my grim and frostbitten, uncompromising black metal surface there's a soft heart, as candid as a child one. I couldn't resist, therefore, to "Re-Animated" and its call, an album with which Trick Or Treat paid homage to some the most beloved animated cartoon main themes (mostly japanese, but not just) in italy. The project raised over 17,000 euros on Musicraiser compared to the 7,000 needed, allowing the band from Modena to record nineteen covers and invite a huge amount of guests, such as Michele Luppi, Roberto Tiranti and… Giorgio Vanni (original singer of many of those themes)!

Since February, "Re-Animated" has been on heavy rotation, with its easy-going and melodic power metal meeting our chilhood animated heroes. The tracklist spans wisely over various decades, ranging from the seminal "Jeeg Robot D'Acciaio" to "Let It Go" (from "Frozen", 2013), as well as the style, closer to heavier or mellower sounds depending on the situation. Needless to say how "Ken Il Guerriero" and "Pegasus Fantasy", given their intrinsic metal nature, stand out as the toughest pieces, but I also really appreciated the more melancholic atmospheres in "Il Mistero Della Pietra Azzurra" or the proud ones in "Prince Valiant".

Aside from personal taste, each rendition is worthy, even if the cartoon is utterly rubbish (please refer to "Pokemon: Oltre I Cieli Dell'Avventura" and "Beyblade Metal"). So, hats off to Trick Or Treat and all of their supporters: mission accomplished!

Translation: Giup

Sons Of Alpha Centauri – Continuum [2018: stoner, post-metal]

Hundred Year Old Man – Breaching [2018: post-metal, sludge]

Coldawn – …In The Dawn [2018: black metal, post-metal, shoegaze]
SinnerAngel – Sinister Decálogo [2017: death metal, black metal, power metal]

Convocation – Scars Across [2018: death metal, doom metal]

Electric Wizard – Wizard Bloody Wizard [2017: doom metal, psychedelic rock]
Pryapisme – Epic Loon OST [2018: avantgarde metal, experimental, progressive metal, soundtrack]

Aristocrazia 2009-2018
Soul Dissolution – Stardust [2018: black metal, post-metal]

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