#249 SHAPE-SHIFTING EVIL | Aristocrazia Webzine


Dear Aristocrats,

As you already know, your favourite webzine has just celebrated its birthday, and nine years of activity are quite an accomplishment. The growth and evolution of this underground reality which we are constantly working for, with passion and dedication, are processes that never stopped throughout this decade and, in the most recent times more than ever, are leading us to huge changes.

Don't run to the hills shelters, dear readers: during the next months you will be tormented and harassed by our articles; weekly updates won't be missing and be sure that we won't fail in annoying you with our slimy reviews, horrids live reports and disgusting interviews. But, beware, something is changing… And sooner or later you will definitely enjoy these changes as well. We definitely aren't kicking our Tarja out of the band to veer towards pop, we're not retiring our inverted crosses and turn to electronics or headshooting one of us to get a brand new picture for our website; nevertheless, there are big, enormous, colossal news coming this way!

Enough with the spoilers now: the time will come. Enjoy another week with our usual, reassuring lot of articles and let yourself be cradled by the blackest of routines. Gazing at the future, there's only one thing you should keep in mind: evil may take on different forms, but it has never been this strong with us!

Translation: Giup

Labyrinthus Noctis – Opting For The Quasi-Steady State Cosmology [2018: doom metal, gothic metal, progressive metal]

Kosmogyr – Eviternity [2018: avantgarde metal, black metal]
Truchło Strzygi – Pora Umierać [Time To Die] [2018: black metal, death metal, hardcore, punk, speed metal]

Atlases – Penumbra [2017: doom metal, post-metal]
Prapisme – Interview [2018: avantgarde metal, progressive metal]

Sons Of Alpha Centauri – Continuum [2018: stoner, post-metal]

Hundred Year Old Man – Breaching [2018: post-metal, sludge]

Coldawn – …In The Dawn [2018: black metal, post-metal, shoegaze]
SinnerAngel – Sinister Decálogo [2017: death metal, black metal, power metal]