#252 RESIST, GENOA! | Aristocrazia Webzine


As some of you may remember,

Aristocrazia Webzine's born from the intuition, perseverance and passion of some members from the former, homonymous forum, in the summer of 2009. This very forum was initially named Aristocrazia Ligure [Ligurian Aristocracy, translator's note], for it was the virtual meeting place of some fans from that region of Italy. As time passed, that local connotation disappeared and Aristocrazia kept on growing, including people in its staff from all over the country (and even some international ones), although that connection is still deep-rooted in our D.N.A.; hence I've chosen, hailing to our (pre)history, to dedicate the column #252 to the victims of the Ponte Morandi bridge collapse, that took place last 14 August, and to their families.

So, just before jumping into monday's classic routine, bade of music and brand new articles, let's scream all together «Resist, Genoa!» as we listen to one of the most iconic metal bands coming from that city: Necrodeath.

Translation: Oneiros

Altars Of Grief – Iris [2018: black metal, doom metal]
Progenie Terrestre Pura – starCross [2018: avantgarde metal, black metal]

Sojourner – The Shadowed Road [2018: black metal]

Antabus – Global Harming [2018: thrash metal]
Chelsea Wolfe + Brutus (01/08/2018 @ Trg Riječke Rezolucije, Rijeka, Croatia)
Tales Of Autumn – In Madness We Trust [2018: progressive rock, hard rock, heavy metal]

Labyrinthus Noctis – Opting For The Quasi-Steady State Cosmology [2018: doom metal, gothic metal, progressive metal]

Kosmogyr – Eviternity [2018: avantgarde metal, black metal]
Truchło Strzygi – Pora Umierać [Time To Die] [2018: black metal, death metal, hardcore, punk, speed metal]

Atlases – Penumbra [2017: doom metal, post-metal]
Prapisme – Interview [2018: avantgarde metal, progressive metal]