Dear Aristocrats,

two thirds of this 2018 are already gone and, as we did at the end of April, it's time for us to wrap up our live experiences during the last four months in a new, sparkly Spotify playlist! You can find it right above here, there's a bit of everything in it.

Onto future and more important things, we are sure we annoyed you enough regarding what is happening in the Aristocrazia construction yard: the entire staff is more or less drawing from their own wallets to make this project a reality. And here's the thing: for the first time, we've decided to ask for your contribution, be it the equivalent of a beer or anything you want, as a token of appreciation for what we did for years and support and trust for what is yet to come. For countless karma points, make a donation following this link!

Meanwhile, the first, proper hint of what you will see in a few months…

Drawn And Quartered – The One Who Lurks [2018: death metal]
Lykhaeon – Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls [2018: black metal]

Cruachan – Nine Years Of Blood [2018: folk metal]
Gravecoven – Coughing Blood [2018: death metal]

Altars Of Grief – Iris [2018: black metal, doom metal]
Progenie Terrestre Pura – starCross [2018: avantgarde metal, black metal]

Sojourner – The Shadowed Road [2018: black metal]

Antabus – Global Harming [2018: thrash metal]
Chelsea Wolfe + Brutus (01/08/2018 @ Trg Riječke Rezolucije, Rijeka, Croatia)
Tales Of Autumn – In Madness We Trust [2018: progressive rock, hard rock, heavy metal]

Labyrinthus Noctis – Opting For The Quasi-Steady State Cosmology [2018: doom metal, gothic metal, progressive metal]

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