DEAD BECOMES THE SUN – The Last Eclipse | Aristocrazia Webzine


Band: Dead Becomes The Sun
Title: The Last Eclipse
Year: 2013
Country: France
Label: Immortal Frost Productions

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  1. Fear The Light
  2. The Sun Is Dead
  3. Of Fire & Dust
  4. The Abyssal Void
  5. The Last Eclipse
  6. Beware Of Darkness

A couple of illustrations by the Italian artist Alberto Marini — mainly known for his works against Germany and Austria-Hungary during the Great War, but here chosen for his depictions of hell — welcome us to the extremely dark world of Dead Becomes The Sun. The cover of "The Last Eclipse" features a human figure suffering from the sun's presence, and the intro "Fear The Light" warns us against the forces of light.

"The Last Eclipse" is the first official work by this French project, released in the summer of 2013 through Immortal Frost Productions; its approach to traditional black metal is not unlike that of their fellow label partners Weltschmerz, although closer to depressive in terms of contents. This EP doesn't offer many variations, but we can still have a few glimpses of the potential that might be there in a longer release.

The multi-instrumentalist Nahash (the Serpent in the "Bible") brings us about twenty years back through black metal history, while choosing the death of the sun as the core theme of the EP. In "The Sun Is Dead" the sun takes away the narrator's hope, depriving everything of any sort of meaning. Musically speaking we are here dealing with a sharp rendition of black metal: not much space is left to acoustic interludes, ambient passages, or the more experimental aspects of modern black metal, apart from the instrumental "The Abyssal Void". The four actual songs are fast-paced strikes (each of them running for about four minutes) hurrying between apocalyptic and funereal images, in a constant and desperate search for the meaning of existence, a purpose to be found in the abyss before darkness enshrouds the narrator with its omnipresent cloak. During the body's fall into the dark, the spirit rises through a torrent of light before abandoning this realm of nothingess forever.

Unfortunately, after more than a year we don't have any concrete news about the eventual follow-up to "The Last Eclipse" yet, but Nahash's cooperation with Immortal Frost Productions goes on. We hope we can get to have a taste of his skills on a longer work soon.