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TRENCHROT – Necronomic Warfare

Band: TrenchRot
Title:  Necronomic Warfare
Year: 2014
Country:   U.S.A.
Label: Unspeakable Axe Records

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Translation: Splash

  1. Death By TrenchRot
  2. Gustav Gun
  3. The Most Unspeakable Of Acts
  4. Mad Dogs Of Wars
  5. Sickening Devotion
  6. Necrotic Victory
  7. Maddening Aggression
  8. Necronomic Warfare
  9. Gallery Of The Dead
  10. Trapped Under Treads
  11. Dragged Down To Hell

I talked about Trenchrot last year already, when the band released a demo that classic Death Metal fans would certainly appreciate. In February, they released a debut album, with a front cover artwork that appears to confirm the nostalgic flair of the band.

The opening track, "Death By Trenchrot", reminds me of the Swedish sound by Dismember and related acts, although at times we can hear bits of Asphyx. This may be due to Justin Bean's powerful vocals, which are quite similar to those of his famous Dutch colleague. But there is more to come.

The second track could have been born out of Martin van Drunen's mind. The war-like theme of Heavy Gustav, coupled with the melancholic and slow rhythms could fit well with one of his bands. I like the way Trenchrot go from moderate rhythms to walls of sound assaulting the listener. Solos and articulate structures bear testimony to the technical and musical evolution of the north American band.

As minutes go by, I notice that the band constructs its songs as an eclectic mix of various elements of classic Death Metal. In so doing, it pays tribute to many famous predecessors of the genre but also takes great care in crafting its own sound. Trenchrot’s previous discography is included in the record, for the last three tracks are the very same that were released in the "Dragged Down To Hell" demo. What’s more, those who buy the CD on the Bandcamp Trenchrot website will be gifted with a jacket patch of the band.

I strongly suggest you make acquaintance with "Necronomic Warfare". This very solid Death Metal record makes for an enjoyable and diverse listening.