WOLOK – The Silver Cord

WOLOK – The Silver Cord

Band: Wolok
Title:  The Silver Cord
Year: 2014
Country: France
Label: Death Knell Productions

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Translation: LordPist

  1. Vertigo, Collapsus
  2. A Call To Those Who Have Gone Before
  3. Transition (Panoramic Review Of Past Earth-Life)
  4. Come Full Circle

The most attentive of you will perhaps remember that last year I had the chance to review the latest release by La Division Mentale, "TOTem Simius". A couple of weeks later, I also interviewed the two members of that project: that is when Mriik revealed he was working on a new Wolok album. With about a decade of activity on their backs and three albums under their belts, they came back with that work they had anticipated, an EP limited to three hundred copies named "The Silver Cord".

What is featured here in the four tracks that compose this album is definitely related to the vast Black Metal universe, but it would be limiting to stop at such a generic label. The sonic mass kneaded in "The Silver Cord" is indeed mainly characterized by incredibly dissonant riffs that might somewhat remind of Deathspell Omega, but also incorporating elements of morbid and extremely acid Doom, and even an experimental vein chiseled through glimpses of Noise and Industrial.

The atmospheres are disturbing, damn caustic and they worm their way into the listener's mind, raping their psyche and planting into their souls alienating omens of dark catastrophes, digging abysses of altered perceptions that lead us to a post-apocalyptic dimension, ashen, cold, desolate, and inhospitable. I won't name one track or another, since our journey through this EP has to be experienced in its entirety, and it would be impossible to split it into the four parts it is composed of.

If I had to compare this work to "TOTem Simius", I could say that La Division Mentale lets the more carnal side of the band emerge, while with Wolok we are confronted with something more jagged and violent. In a sense I believe "The Silver Cord" is a more brutal record (at least on a psychological level), extremely heavy, subtle, really dark, discomforted and dismal.

In short, this work is not for all tastes, since it is not easy at all to face such a mass of insanity. However, the artistic quality is such that it would be a crime not to listen to it just because of the fear of losing one's mind.

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