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We are Aristocrazia Webzine. As it goes with the word itself, a webzine is but a magazine that changes name when it’s carried into the world wide web, adapting to modern times and modern means. Specifically, Aristocrazia is a webzine devoted to the music we (and possibly, yourselves) love to listen to. We deal with albums, tapes, vinyl LPs, digital formats and any other possible way to convey the music we like (or dislike, as it happens). For you, we taste any musical dish we come across and we report our impressions, opinions, ideas, criticisms and comments in our reviews. Have a good reading, and a good listening!

冷酷仙境 (COLD FAIRYLAND) - 2005 Live

冷酷仙境 (COLD FAIRYLAND) – 2005 Live

Band: 冷酷仙境(Cold Fairyland) Title: 2005 Live Year: 2006 Country: China Label: Self-Released Contacts: Official Website TRACKLIST 摹仿剧场 (Mirror Theater) 死在报纸上的孩子 ...
DEATH TO GIANTS - Blood Pours Out

DEATH TO GIANTS – Blood Pours Out

Band: Death To Giants Title: Blood Pours Out Year: 2013 Country: China Label: Zang Nan Recordings Contacts: Bandcamp TRACKLIST Tyr ...
EVEN LESS - Soundtrack To A Wasted Day

EVEN LESS – Soundtrack To A Wasted Day

Band: Even Less Title: Soundtrack To A Wasted Day Year: 2012 Country: China Label: Pest Productions Contacts: Bandcamp TRACKLIST Forgotten ...
MONADS - Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem

MONADS – Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem

Band: Monads Title: Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem Year: 2011 2012 Country: Belgium Label: Ordo MCM Contacts: TRACKLIST The Stars Are Screaming ...


Band: Ghost Kommando Title: Paramount Year: 2012 Country: Switzerland Label: Death Fiend Productions Contacts: Blogspot TRACKLIST The Ravages Of Time ...