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A DEVIL’S DIN – One Hallucination Under God

Band: A Devil's Din
Title: One Hallucination Under God
Year: 2017
Country: Canada
Label: Island Dive Records

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  1. Eternal Now
  2. Brave New World
  3. Nearly Normal
  4. Home
  5. Who You Are
  6. Where Do We Go?
  7. One Hallucination Under God
  8. Sea Of Time
  9. Evolution

Getting back to China two years later, on a business trip, surely was something, especially because this time around I was based in a different city from the one I had lived in for about three years (2013-2015). After a couple of very busy weeks, I have finally got the chance to spend some energy in discovering new music on behalf of Aristocrazia Webzine. Nevertheless, «new» is probably not the best term to describe "One Hallucination Under God", the latest effort by the Canadian act A Devil's Din that I am about to introduce to you.

The album begins with "Eternal Now" and we're taken right away to the late '60s – early '70s, surrounded by Pink Floyd, Cream, and the rest of their hallucinated friends. The song title highlights the time-loop feeling that the Canadian trio wants to cause in us, successfully. This effect is also visible in the cover artwork (by Eric Manella), reminiscent of the colorful and vaguely mystical style of many visual designs from that era, despite maintaining a somewhat modern vibe.

The lyrics deal with philosophical and existential topics mixed with human affairs, although this is all conveyed half seriously through the songs. "Nearly Normal" is arguably one of the tracks most representative of the band's style, and the dreamlike "Who You Are" brings to mind the more meditative sections of early Black Sabbath or Uriah Heep. Dave Lines (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Tom G. Stout (bass), and Dom Salameh (drums and percussions) put lots of effort throughout the album and the overall quality is constant, even if you might obviously have that "been there already" feeling every once in a while, considering the band's approach to music.

We can say A Devil's Din didn't really want to produce something new to begin with, and "One Hallucination Under God" shows deep knowledge and respect of the source materials, which will probably be appreciated by fans of this genre. If you had enjoyed the Greek band Ribbons Of Euphoria, reviewed on here some time ago, the Canadian trio might just be the right thing for you.