Band: Abhorrent Funeral
Title: Ugly Tales
Year: 2017
Country: Poland
Label: Fallen Temple Records
Contacts: Facebook  Bandcamp
Translation: Giup

  1. Within The Woods
  2. Why Don’t You Want To Come With Me To Crystal Lake?
  3. Hell Of The Living Dead
  4. Creature From Swamps
  5. Brains!
  6. They’re Coming To Get You
  7. Braindead
  8. Tommy, Get Your Saw!
  9. Cannibal Attack
  10. Demons To Some, Angels To Others
  11. The Amityville Horror

There’s nothing, in Abhorrent Funeral‘s debut album, that makes you think about a delicate and refined product. Formed in Poznań, Poland three years ago, the combo dives head first in a filthy swamp, drawing from the most uncompromising death metal fringes, and they put this together with a certain taste for the horror genre, with many references to essential movies.

There is less than half an hour of music on Ugly Tales, filled with sturdy death influenced by the Scandinavian crust scene: with bone-headed attitude, the four Poles space out the songs with excerpts from movies like “Evil Dead” or “Dawn Of The Dead”, although we can’t know for sure if the late George A. Romero would have appreciated. From Jason Voorhees’ Crystal Lake to “The Amityville Horror”, inspired by the eponymous movie, it’s a dirty mix of heavily compressed guitars and structures ranging from putrified mid-tempos to the thirtytwo seconds of “Braindead”.

You can’t expect any variations on the theme on this album, but a fast and furious approach that inevitably evens everything out. If you don’t have any other plans other than shutting your brain (and your decency) off, chugging some lousy beer, Ugly Tales is the right thing for you.