ABSQUE COR – Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć

ABSQUE COR – Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć

Band: Absque Cor
Title: Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć
Year: 2017
Country: Poland
Label: Godz Ov War Productions



  1. Jeden Księżyc Wciąż Wskazuje
  2. To Co W Człowieku Nieuniknione
  3. Zdecyduj Więc Sam, Którą Wybierzesz Drogę
  4. Do Niezbawienia

The main reason of the words I'm writing down is one and only: if you like black metal, the Polish version of it in particular, it would be bad for you to ignore Absque Cor.

Done with the premise, I can tell you that the details we know about Vos, the mind behind this one man band, are very few. All you need to know is "Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć" is his official debut, and it came out last year via Godz Ov War Productions, the album's tracklist is made of four tracks and, in my opinion, it's too short.

Let me explain: Absque Cor's black metal is first-rate, the listener gets overwhelmed by the emotional charge derived by the music, by freezing riffs and interesting musical ideas. "Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć" is one of those albums you have to listen to in the darkness, alone, knowing the closer person to you is far away, a work that cradles you into the pain and suffering of the screaming vocals, while you are reflecting on your own despair.

Unfortunately, it only lasts around thirty minutes. Saying Absque Cor's target is made of listeners who probably have decent knowledge of the genre, and from this we can deduce they dedicated their time to twice longer records, but with a quarter of the ideas, I'd have liked to hear at least another track. This makes the experience a little less satisfying, leaving the listener at the end of "Do Niezbawienia" wanting for more. "Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć" is one of those debuts from which you don't expect such great musical quality. Firstly because Absque Cor took care of the form, both in the song structure revealing a certain level of stylistical maturity and interesting evolutions, and the high quality production.

I think that after reading my words you have a clear idea of the sensations you can feel listening to Absque Cor, and I hope to have intrigued you enough to make you discover what for me has been a surprise. Now forgive me but all this talking about it made me want to insert "Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć" in my CD player, turning on the «repeat all» option.

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