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AELTER – IV: Love Eternal

Band: Aelter
Title: IV: Love Eternal
Year: 2017
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Avantgarde Music

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Introduction
  2. Death Eternal
  3. Love Eternal
  4. Life Eternal
  5. Hope Eternal

Some years ago, we Aristocrats crossed our ways with the musician Blake Green and his band Wolvserpent, opening for Wolves In The Throne Room. Now we are talking about this artist again, thanks to his other project Aelter.

I want to start this review by making a list of bands and artists that — for different reasons — came to my mind during the listening sessions: Fields Of The Nephilim, Swans, Tyranny, Dead Can Dance, Nick Cave and Evoken (in their most atmospheric moments). In case these feel too random for you, I'll add "IV: Love Eternal" — is this a reference to the Arcana track with the same name? — is ultimately what would happen if a 80s Darkwave-Gothic Rock band decided to play Doom Metal asking our master Morricone to do the songwriting. In a vague way, you can find a common point with the macabre-grotesque music played by Those Poor Bastards; in this case, however, the result is really brooding and introspective, thanks to the heavy influence from the genres bound to the dark and the extreme worlds.

So imagine finding yourselves on a Sergio Leone's movie set, with guitars that are sweating a Spaghetti Western vibe in every single note. The scene where you are appearing takes place in the darkest hours of a ghost city, a landscape that is everything but reassuring. You are then alone in the complete darkness, in solitude with your own subconscious which talks to you in a deep, operatic and reverberating voice; it doesn't matter that the words are almost totally unintelligible, even if having the script at hand could have been helpful to understand the situation. You can't do anything but resign to a solitary and seemingly eternal night, or better, less than fourty minutes long but developing on dilated rhythms created by minimal percussions and obsessive drones on the background.

Death, love, life and hope are the four gigantic chapters you will have to face with your own reflections. There's no way to get out from the deep desolation in which you are immersed, but the wait for the sunrise that — maybe — will come and free your mind from the gloomy thoughts. However, you should not understimate the charm of the darkness, to the point you might want to come back to the mournful Far West of "IV: Love Eternal", more and more. If then you will feel ready to face such a terrifying allure and, above all, if you won't fear to be entangled in it, then give Aelter a chance.