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AKEM MANAH – Demons Of The Sabbat

Band: Akem Manah
Title: Demons Of The Sabbath
Year: 2014
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Freak Metal Records

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Translation: Vlakorodos

  1. Dark Ritual
  2. Worship In Fire
  3. Reign Of Terror
  4. Possession Of Nun
  5. Hollow Graves
  6. Unholy Horror
  7. The Twisted Rites Of Satan's Bride
  8. Nightfall
  9. Demons Rise

Dead Nedry is one of those figures that Aristocrazia has been following for much time, for the releases of Akem Manah ("The Devil Is In All Of You", "Horror In The Eyes" and "Night Of The Black Moon") and Cataclysm ("Death Become Us") reviewed by me and for the ones of Black Beings ("Anathematize"), reviewed by Bosj. He's seems to be an artist that never takes a break and in 2014 he managed to release the third album named "Demons Of The Sabbat" with the first of the bands mentioned before, the one I am writing about.

The trio which worked on it consists of Dead Nedry (vocals, guitars and keyboards), Chris Lollis (bass, ex-member of Lecherous Nocturne and Nile) and Ivan De Prume (drums, formerly in Prong and White Zombie). On the album we can find the guest presences of Scott Von Heldt and his solo guitar in "Reign Of Terror" and "Demons Rise" and Adam Richardson (Ramesses, 11 Paranoias and formerly in Pombagira and Lord Of Putrefaction, which later became Electric Wizard) with its vocals in "Demons Rise".

Honestly, I didn't get surprised by what they made, and I was actually happy that they confirmed their attitude, in these times in which I often read critics about the lack of innovations and the absence of personality of many bands. Their sound, the shock filled with darkness and horror and the massive performance, with no frills but with even more morbid and evil, included in the tracks of this work were really what I was expecting and what I hoped they made.

Akem Manah's sound took shape during these years, now it is surely less funereal and heavy compared to the beginnings, it got stronger and increased the weight of its steps. No doubts about the presence of bands like Electric Wizard (honored many times before), Ramesses, Cathedral, Iron Man, Tom G. Warrior (both in the Celtic Frost and Tryptikon eras) and that visceral "creed" towards the gods of hell and the way they spread terror; they owned, absorbed and poured them in these powerful tracks with a very well-made atmosphere such as the disturbing "Dark Ritual", the creeping and diabolic "The Twisted Rites Of Satan's Bride" and "Demons Rise", and the black and litanic "Hollow Graves". In the latter, the drone-like incipit stands out with the great ritualistic support provided by the synths, which blends with the psychedelic, acid vein coming out from the obsessive parts of guitars and drums.

"Demons Of The Sabbat" is a black monolith, that right for its nature shows its homogeneity which may be considered a flow in a couple of situations. In fact, it can make the listening harder, somehow leading to feelings of monotony; on the other hand, it may be considered a merit from the ones who like their proven integrity which carries on their work on each album. These release gives evidence of a performance with no flaws, together with the compositional strength which makes them express their music; their extreme and incorruptible attitude reminds us that Akem Manah are a "take it or leave" band, they are what they are, and that's that.

The pure evil spread by Eugene's band is here, don't ask yourself too many questions while enjoying it, just take it as is and you'll see that — be it the first of the millionth time you listen to it — you'll be satisfied.