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ALIENFOOD – Todogluten

Band: Alienfood
Title: Todogluten
Year: 2018
Country: Spain
Label: Art Gates Records

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  1. Tocado Y Hundido
  2. Fiebre Lenta
  3. Hoy Me Siento Mal
  4. Oscuro Pasado
  5. Mentira
  6. Irreversible

It's been a long time since my last encounter with an alternative rock band from Spain, back then it was the Basque quintet Quaoar with their style linked to modern progressive rock. Well, with the Valencian band Alienfood we will move towards different territories, beginning with the very Futurama-ish cover arwork of "Todogluten" with the four musicians' heads kept in the famous glass cilinders created by Matt Groening.

The first peculiarity of this band founded in 2013 is the choice to use Spanish language lyrics, maintaining what they did with their previous work "Irreversible". Let's get ready to six songs of clear Nineties inspiration, but also featuring some sort of Mediterranean spirit (for example in "Hoy Me Siento Mal"). There is some good old stoner in "Mentira", definitely the car ride song of this album, while we can see the four musicians in all their splendour in the official video of  "Tocado Y Hundido" with its strong grunge flavor. I appreciated the decision to keep the running time low, although maybe one more song could have shown some more facets of the band's style.

"Todogluten" is the first Alienfood's record to be released via Art Gates Records, a Spanish label that's been expanding its scope over the last few years, also including bands not strictly related to metal. Don't expect anything particularly revolutionary from the latest work by this Valencian quartet: but if you were really looking for an alternative rock band with Spanish lyrics (not that common), give them a chance, especially if you are "Futurama" fans.