Strong cold melodies are the focus of Angrrsth black metal's


Band: Angrrsth
Title: Znikąd
Year: 2018
Country: Poland
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Contacts: Facebook Youtube Bandcamp

  1. Krew I Trans
  2. I Kopyt Słyszę Stuk
  3. Upadłem
  4. Siarka I Kwas
  5. Nad Głową Sznur [bonus track]

This review is the umpteenth proof, as if it were needed, of Godz Ov War Productions’ attention regarding the extreme metal scene in their territory. In less than a year, Angrrsth have had time to form, then to write and record this Znikąd, to have the Polish label reprint it and, from there, the album even managed to get to our ears.

However, listening to their first EP I never had the impression Angrrsth got sloppy by hastening the tempo: the band in fact advances decisively with its music, in line with typical Polish black metal, and gives us half an hour of music that aims at being memorable. Since the first arpeggio opening “Krew I Trans” you realize how central immediacy is to Angrrsth‘s black metal formula. Whether there is a blast beat or a slower part, the intent is to keep the listener’s attention high. Death metal is then added to the music (the beginning of “I Kopyt Słyszę Stuk” is quite an obvious example), reminding me of Behemoth.

There are many moments that seem to exist mainly to give more space to melodies, as in the case of “Upadłem”, a good way for the singer Hermann to show us both of his sides with screams and spiritual declamations, adding something to the atmosphere. To close the digital version of the album we find “Siarka i Kwas”, perhaps the slightly least interesting episode; the less defined production and the less elaborate style made me think about a demo version. On the other hand, if you buy the physical version, you will also have “Nad Głową Sznur”, a song that relies on an appealing riff, all in all skillful in dragging the listener.

Znikąd is not a record with obvious defects, actually, it is rather well done, and with a clear musical direction that remains consistent for the whole work, without fear of adding some influences. It’s clear that the band knows what it’s doing.