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ANTABUS – Global Harming

Band: Antabus
Title: Global Harming
Year: 2018
Country: Finland
Label: Self-Released

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Translation: Giup

  1. Volatile Juvenile
  2. Citizens On Patrol
  3. Cyberdemons

In Finland, the word «Antabus» is basically related to two things: the commercial name of disulfiram — a drug used in alcoholism therapy — and the band from Ruokolahti, which we have the pleasure of hosting on our pages today. Antabus have been active since 2012 and the brand new EP "Global Harming" represents the end of a very, very long silence, both in terms of live activity and studio productions. "Global Harming" has been presented live on June 15th in a pretty small but packed venue in Helsinki, many people among the crowd knew the band already and were enthusiastic about attending one of their gigs again: I was there, and I can say that the four-piece definitely kept the audience very focused for more than an hour, thanks also to covers or songs from the previous EP and demos.

Anyway, we're here to talk about the newcomer, so let's talk about it. I'll simply tell you that if you like thrash, this is definitely the right page for you: "Global Harming" is a mass of condensed energy and will to take on a new challenge, a way to say that yes, we've been inactive for quite a few years but we kept working for ourselves and for you, too. "Volatile Juvenile" starts the whole thing and warms up the listener, narrating about terrorism in the name of God, but with "Citizens On Patrol" — «Stop the invasion!» — and the more technical "Cyberdemons", — cyberdemons are intended as Pokémons in all their wickedness, who would have thought? — they turn to full on, old school, quality thrash metal. The desire of emulating, yet maintaining their own personality is clear and it's a bull's eye, because yes, the genre doesn't change, but "Global Harming" is not the copy of something we've already heard, if anything it's the extension and expression of a genre that we know and that I personally love deeply.

Antabus are back more alive than ever, still able to keep the stage for an hour plus, and "Global Harming" is the living proff that we can expect a lot of great things from these four guys in Southern Karelia. Maybe their first full-length? We definitely wish so.