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ANTIKATECHON – I Feel Nothing But Repulsion

Band: Antikatechon
Title: I Feel Nothing But Repulsion
Year: 2016
Country: Italy
Label: Rage In Eden

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. The Epitome Of Ingratitude
  2. And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
  3. I Feel Nothing But Repulsion
  4. From Defeat To Disintegration
  5. The Smell Of A Dying Saviour

Faceless human beings, dressed up as the early 20th century fashion are the photographic side dish to Antikatechon's new album, also known as Davide Del Col. Now at its fourth solo production, excluding the wonderful four hands work with Nimh (of which we can feel the presence in the mixing and production or as a guest in a one of the tracks), the musician produces an album that perhaps represents the perfect summation of what he had done up to this point with his earlier works. Produced by the Polish label Rage in Eden, always in the first line when entering certain territories of music, "I Feel Nothing But Repulsion" is a dark, raw, tough work, faithful with commendable coherence to the title and lets a few glimmer of lights enter in a dark as the night weave.

The opening is entrusted to the stunning immobility of "The Epitome Of Ingratitude", a huge layer of synths and frequencies among which voice samples and a very weak melody in the second half of the song are just audible. The next "And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder" sees the collaboration of Philippe Blanche (Day Before Us), definitely known to the readers in love with dark ambient and neoclassical sounds, since repeatedly reviewed here in the pages of Aristocrazia; the elegy narrated by Philippe's piano serves as a counterpoint to the abyssic sounds created by Del Col, in what in my opinion is one of the best pieces birthed by the artist. Antikatecon digital violence collides with Blanche's the melancholic brush strokes and, in the end, with a French speaking female voice.

"I Feel Nothing But Repulsion" is an endless and metaphoric track, in constant evolution, but where each step is still supported and composed by the same elements: the protagonists are the distorted guitars and deep drones sustained by an industrial base and an subsoil of synthesizer, never too much in evidence. "From Defeat To Disintegration" which brings the collaboration of Joseph "Nimh" Verticchio, is based on a growing sense of tension created by an haunting digital core on which rare piano notes fit togheter: you can perceive from a distance the loom of dark waves that become increasingly invasive, up to encompass every other sound. An amazing ending captures the unprepared listener who suddenly finds himself under clear and serene skies: a piano melody binds perfectly with a veil of synths, creating an elegant and nostalgic atmosphere.

"The Smell Of A Dying Savior" closes the release, the track who encloses the most sacred and ritual side of Anikatechon. Divided into three parts well distinguishable between them, the track opens with guitar notes and drops falling, a mystical atmosphere that is interrupted by the last burst of highly distorted frequencies of the work and that neverthless will return in the last part, in a different form but not less bombastic. Far away tolls mark the last few minutes of "I Feel Nothing But Repulsion", an album that cannot leave the listener indifferent and who manages, through complex and already widely explored matters such as noise and dark ambient, to create new images and sensations in the mind of the listener. A release that enters by right as one of the best of the 2016.