More black metal from Poland with Apatheia's debut album

APATHEIA – Konstelacja Dziur

Band: Apatheia
Title: Konstelacja Dziur
Year: 2018
Country: Poland
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Contacts: Bandcamp

  1. Odmętnia
  2. Ślepe Oddanie
  3. Zimna Krew
  4. Złudzenie Życia
  5. Boże Ciało
  6. Raj
  7. Skracanie
  8. Supernowa

Speaking of Poland and its black metal scene, we’re quite used to think about raw and harsh sounds with evil-sounding melodies, frantic rhythms and dark, devilish atmospheres. All of this, of course, is featured within Konstelacja Dziur, the debut album by Apatheia released last year through Godz Ov War Productions.

I’ll be honest: if I said that the Polish trio’s work is innovative, I’d be lying. That said, though, this album cannot be labelled as a flop so fast. What do we know? We know pretty well that these guys like ævil, aggressive music quite a lot, filled with obscure melodies (much like those you hear when you slice the throat of a lamb each Sunday night in honour of You-Know-Who – it’s a classic). So, trust me, there is something interesting in Konstelacja Dziur.

Faithfully worshipping chaos by ollowing Mgła and Kriegsmaschine’s rituals, Vos, Anůnn and Herr Mann aim to shape their music focusing on both violence and its more listenable façade. Faith apart, so, Konstelacja Dziur seems to still have something to say. I bet you’re asking yourself how the heck do they manage to make it, while doing what nowadays is commonly accepted as something classing in the trvest of music panoramas. Well, let me give you an answer by inviting you to give both “Odmętnia” (the opening track of the lot) and “Złudzenie Życia” a listen; these two songs are not masterpieces, indeed, but the whole album’s level is much like this, so it’s clear that the Polish trio’s debut at least deserves to be called sufficient, in my opinion.

What’s the twist (in the myth), then? The tracklist features a couple of songs which need to be mentioned more than the others. Firstly, “Boże Ciało”, the longest track of the album. In its almost eleven minutes it displays to the listener how the most classic mix of influences mentioned above can turn into something more atmospheric. Then, “Supernowa”, the song closing Konstelacja Dziur. Once again, these Poles created their version of black metal, featuring dark atmospheres and getting (sometimes, not all the time) slower; a nice way to avoid sounding too insistent, with never-ending blast beats and standard, aggressive, icy riffs.

All in all, feel free to give Konstelacja Dziur a listen, especially if you’re looking for new names that make something you’re accustomed to, just in their own way, though not that far from classic standards. Trust me, Apatheia won’t let you down, if you belong to this group of readers. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something really different, skip this one: these Polish guys’ work doesn’t suit you.