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Band: Aphonic Threnody
Title: First Funeral
Year: 2013
Country: International
Label: Avantgarde Music
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  1. The Threnody
  2. Eyes' Light Fadeed Away
  3. Life Calls Death
  4. Hollow
  5. Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium [cover My Dying Bride]

This is the debut EP for a band which is quite hard to describe: Aphonic Threnody were born from the efforts of two musicians, Riccardo Veronese (guitars) of italian origin but raised in the UK, and Roberto Mura (singing and lyrics) from Italy, already together in Dea Marica. The Internet says that Veronese resides in London, but the international nature of the band goes way beyond that. In order to record "First Funeral" three other guys were added to complete the lineup: Marco Z (drums, also a member of Absentia Lunae and Urna among others — in the latter together with Mura), hungarian cello player Ábel Libisch and last but not least at all Kostas Panagiotou, from Pantheist, on the keyboards. These very names should be enough to prick up every doomster's ears.

Aphonic Threnody decide to stick to what the 90's taught: a doom-death metal with a touch of funeral doom "prima facie", which explains the choice to cover one of My Dying Bride's earliest songs as bonus; originally intended to be as an extra for a limited edition that never came to be, the track eventually ended up in every cd, adding almost fifteen minutes to the original running time (note: this fifth track is NOT on the vinyl version released by Terror From Hell).

The four songs from "First Funeral" are a perfect example of something extremely heavy gently laying down on your ears: slow, long, gloomy, trapping the listener into a vortex of despair and tormented helplessness. Veronese's guitar fills the speakers with a sipped, hefty riffing (and slow, did I already mention the riffing is slow?), but the band succeeds in not giving way to monotony. Panagiotou's keyboards have enough room to alternate despair with melodic breaks, giving the platter a great variety. Mura's singing is never hasty, but combines with the guitar in a ripping and slow-paced growl, speaking words of grief and lament. In particular, "Hollow", with its minimal lyrics, an epic and "big" mood, way more magniloquent than the previous ones, is the song that most underlines the alchemy between the five members. Beautiful.

Among six-strings effects and neverending down-tempo, between Thergothon and early My Dying Bride, Aphonic Threnody deliver a debut mature and complete already, boosting the expectations for the first album, which should be imminent.