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APOCRYFAL – Aberration Of Mind

Band: Apocryfal
Title: Aberration Of Mind
Year: 2014
Country: Finland
Label: Self-Released

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Translation: LordPist

  1. A Grievance
  2. Contra
  3. Mother Of All
  4. Aberration Of Mind
  5. A Theist

We have already featured these young Finnish musicians less than a year ago when they debuted with the demo "Ravens"; this year the quintet from Northern Europe comes around with an elegant digipak containing an EP with five brand new tracks.

There is a clear break from their recent past: the band's fury has been bridled in order to give some way to more articulated and less savage compositions. To be clear, Apocryfal's death metal is still really evil, but there is some sort of mid-tempo hovering upon these songs, a few changes of pace and an overall tendency to proclamations more than extreme violence ("A Grievance", sung in Finnish, serves as the best example of this aspect). As for the band's performance, "Aberrations Of Mind" is a confirmation of the good impression "Ravens" had left at the time: notable skills with their instruments, the ability to compose songs based on solid riffing and precise rhythm, and a growl inspired by Behemoth. There might not be much in terms of variety yet, but this is balanced by the good quality of what is to be found on this second release.

Despite the lack of a label, Apocryfal managed to complete a noteworthy product: mastering by Dan Swanö, visual arts by Costin Chioreanu and, most importantly, good music. After the demo and the EP now we just have to wait for an actual full-length, sure that it won't fail to live up to our expectations: the Finnish scene looks healthier and healthier.