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ARS VENEFICIUM – The Reign Of The Infernal King

Band: Ars Veneficium
Title: The Reign Of The Infernal King
Year: 2016
Country: Belgium
Label: Immortal Frost Productions


Translation: Oneiros

  1. Intro
  2. Damnation Of The Soul
  3. Fallen To The Realm
  4. Angel Of Angels
  5. Extinguished Are The Candles Of Holiness
  6. Reign In Darkness
  7. As Flames Spread Into Chaos
  8. Thy Will, My Hands
  9. Bringer Of Light

It's my pleasure to welcome here Surtur, a proficient Belgian musician who deals with many projects and works in Immortal Frost Productions label, and today we'll be talking about his main band: Ars Veneficium. After a couple of EPs and a split, useful to clear the path the band would have taken, here we have their debut album, released on September 26th: "The Reign Of The Infernal King".

As mentioned before, the road levelled through their past works is almost the same the band has chosen to walk with this new disc, in other words a classic Black Metal, both furious and Satanist, wisely mixed with typical Swedish melodies and filled with various occult-flavoured slowdowns. There are even some solos here and there and actually the one in "Damnation Of The Soul" did remind me of the latest Deströyer 666.

Norgameus bombards the listener (honestly not varying much) utilising explosive blast-beats, emphasized throughout the production work which enhanced the basses, that give their best when Ronarg and Archcaust's guitars devote themselves to build impetuous but also imperious and epic atmospheres. The best song of the tracklist is definitely "Extinguished Are The Candles Of Holiness", which is strictly related to those elements, whilst "Angel Of Angels" appears to be even engaging within its easy chorus and captivating as it slows down. Bass lines provided by Lava, on their side, manage to find some room to luxuriously emerge while Surtur constantly growls his best behind the microphone.

So, Ars Veneficium, with their "The Reign Of The Infernal King", definitely put themselves with more than mere good results into the tradition of intransigent, furious and slightly melodic Black Metal. Despite the total musical and ideological devotion to the masters of the genre, the final result is indeed valiant, resulting to be a juicy blow to listen to while praising the Devil.