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ASSUMPTION – The Three Appearances

Band: Assumption
Title: The Three Appearances
Year: 2014
Country: Italy
Label: Terror From Hell Records

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Translation LordPist

  1. Moribund State Shift
  2. Veneration Of Fire
  3. The Three Appearances – Snang Gsum
  4. The Non-Existing

An unkown band with known musicians: this combination is quite frequent for Aristocrazia. This time we are talking about Assumption, a duo from Palermo that has been active for about five years, but formed by members coming from other underground bands (Haemophagus, Elevators To The Grateful Sky, Undead Creep). These are not rookies by any means, and here they put all their experiences together in an EP entitled "The Three Appearances" (after a demo released in 2012).

Tracks such as "Moribund State Shift" and "The Non-Existing" go back to that strand of rotten, slow, filthy death metal by the likes of Cruciamentum and Dead Congregation, also enriched by a few doom passages that further highlight its mephistophelean atmospheres. A devastating and deadly hell filled with putrescent and secular death, caused by powers maybe more ancient than History itself: these are the sceneries painted by Assumption.

Although the death metal elements never disappear, other songs — like "Veneration Of Fire" and "The Three Appearances – Snang Gsum" — are more oriented towards a sepulchral and monolythic form of doom metal, close to early Cathedral or the more funereal instincts heard in Thergothon and Disembowelment. Furthermore, there are some alienating "cosmic" sections that convey reverberating images of an imminent catastrophe. The result of this mix is simply lethal: unfathomable chasms filled with apocalyptic hatred opening up the earth we are walking on, causing us to sink into venomous abysses of monstrous and winding void.

"The Three Appearances" is a great work, and already a candidate to become one of my favorite for this year. Shorter than half an hour, but able to corrode and mar everything it finds on its way. I can't even imagine what will happen when Assumption release a full-length album, but I am sure that the end of the world will be a bit closer then.