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ATRA VETOSUS – Ius Vitae Necisque

Band: Atra Vetosus
Title: Ius Vitae Necisque
Year: 2016
Country: Australia
Label: Immortal Frost Productions

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Translation: LordPist

  1. Ius Vitae Necisque

Atra Vetosus is a melodic death-black metal band hailing from Tasmania, we had already met them several years ago with their debut album "Voices From The Eternal Night". This year in January they released the EP "Ius Vitae Necisque" through the notable Immortal Frost Productions, condensing the main traits featured on their previous work.

We are here confronted with a single twenty-two minute track divided into five movements, each embodying a different state of mind in concordance with the naturalistic concept behind this work. The "Right of life and death", mentioned in the title and attributed to the "pater familias" in ancient Rome, here becomes a feature of Nature, intended as a holistic entity that literally welcomes the miserable mortal body of the narrator, between the arms of an oak (see the spectacular cover artwork by Martin Lynch-Smith), so that the spirit can rise and become one with Universe.

This journey of elevation and assimilation starts with simple but intense keyboard notes, that paint a pristine scenery, generating a feeling of wait and plunging us in an introspective context, only broken by distorted guitars after four minutes. The second stanza is an emotional rollercoaster where metal proper finally appears, between internal laceration and the urgency of an extreme and rough screaming, the wide spans of light of the cold guitar melodies, and some sort of grandeur expressed by the clean vocals and the synthesizers on the background. This approach has reminded me of Vinterland in "Welcome My Last Chapter".

Halfway through the record, piano and acoustic guitar become the main characters on stage, that becomes more and more intense as time goes by, also thanks to the return of the solo electric guitar. At this point we go back to extreme metal as interpreted by this Australian band, without ever breaking the continuity of pathos, until music fades to a storm opening the final section of this song, dominated by a delicate acoustic guitar that reconciles the wandering soul and offers the ultimate peace of mind. The best features of "Ius Vitae Necisque" can be found in the genuineness and the enthusiasm that come out of its notes, capable of capturing the listener and catching their attention throughout the entire journey. Music is always flowing, vivacious, and natural, while composition is linear (although never trite or banal) and incisive. In brief, the twenty-two minutes of this song never feel too heavy or long.

The only aspect that I have found not completely aligned with the rest of this work is Josh Gee's screaming. His performance is devoid of any mediations, as if it were gushing out without control, thus scratching a bit against the more conciliatory instrumental section. Nevertheless, I am just pointing this out for the record, as I am not really someone who gets too formal about vocals; on the other hand, this highly instinctive voice pairs up really well with the concept of the album, expressing its savage character.

As long as you do not over-analyze this EP, you will enjoy some sincere and heartfelt good music. For fans of melodic death-black metal.