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Band: Atretic Intestine
Title: Trail Of Entrails
Year: 2016
Country: Finland
Label: Coyote Records

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Antitheist Warfare
  2. Forced Proctectomy
  3. Ballad Of The Broken Bones
  4. Vortex Of Misanthropy
  5. Multiple Stabwound Infection
  6. Reverse Puzzle
  7. From Within
  8. Vomiting On God's Remains

Atretic Intestine are at their second album and it seems it will be the last, because the band decided to split up after ten years of activity and this full-lenght released in 2016, named "Trail Of Entrails".

The Finnish band has always been a brutal machine ready to cut, kill and macerate the listener through known schemes, all but despicable and the impression I by the repeated listenings to this album has been similar for the violence and stylistic approach.

The tracklist remains so violent and connected to the atmosphere presented before, reinforcing the idea these guys from Turku are able to churn out a more than fair and compact performance. This is clear by listening to tracks like "Forced Proctectomy", "Ballad Of The Broken Bones", "Reverse Puzzle" and "From Within", as much as the good performance at the microphone of the sometimes pig squealing growls by the singer Iiro Kosonen, along with composition, recording and production in line with the requirements of the genre. In addition, in this occasion the band has granted iself the last attempt to change a bit the direction: inside "Vomiting On God's Remains" appears a melodic, more sinister approach and acousting guitars.

"Trails Of Entrails" is the swansong of a line-up that, although far from being definitive, could have still given us a number of at least pleasant albums. Unfortunately I must instead report their departure. Too bad.