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AWAKE THE SUN – The Barren Sleep

Band: Awake The Sun
Title: The Barren Sleep
Year: 2015
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick Records

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  1. Awake
  2. No Sun
  3. Snow Stained Heart
  4. The Withering
  5. Distant Calling
  6. Empire
  7. Hours
  8. Redemption

Italy has quite a long tradition of melodic dark metal with doomish elements, as we have witnessed over the past decade — among many others — with The Foreshadowing. We might say that the Venetian band Awake The Sun — the latest creation by the gothic/cyber/industrial project Ensoph's former founding members —draws inspiration from a similar world, although in a less concentrated way. Naturally, these are not very young and emerging musicians we are talking about here, and their "debut" release is actually well-crafted also in visual terms. The American label Sliptrick Records fulfilled the task of physically distributing the record in Europe as well

After having left behind most of the many extremes heard on their previous band, having added the vocalist Nicola Mel, and after having completed a thorough work about what imagery and sound to adopt, Awake The Sun officially introduced themselves to the audience with "The Barren Sleep". The ideal hovering presence of Katatonia's recent works is pretty strong, but the Venetians managed to give the record a really personal vibe, especially thanks to a skillful work on programming/keyboards and on the general atmosphere.

The intro "Awake" is really evocative, while the actual opener "No Sun" unexpectedly feels a bit generic, and things get definitely more interesting from "Snow Stained Heart" onward. Both "Empire" and "Hours" are great examples of Awake The Sun's style and of how Katatonia's influence was connected with all the rest. This record mainly revolves around two pillars: European melodic metal and its staples, and the electronic vibes provided by Marzola and Castellani. These forty-five minutes tell us a lot both about the conceptual background behind the band and about what their future intentions might be; it is quite likely that they will manage to be even more at ease with this sound on their next release.

It always is of great interest for me to witness the creation of a new Italian project to follow in its evolution. The band has recently confirmed the new drummer Alessandro Girardi, we are really curious to see them live and find out what they are thinking of for 2016.