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AXEVYPER – Into The Serpent’s Den

Band: Axevyper
Title: Into The Serpent's Den
Year: 2016
Country: Italy
Label: Iron Shield Records

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Translation: LordPist

  1. Brothers Of The Black Sword
  2. Metal Tyrant
  3. Soldiers Of The Underground
  4. The Adventurer
  5. Under The Pyramids
  6. Spirit Of The Wild
  7. Solar Warrior
  8. Beyond The Gates Of The Silver Key

The name Axevyper has been on my list for quite a while, an Italian act so dedicated to the most genuine and pure heavy metal, impervious to the passing of time and the changing of trends. "Into The Serpent's Den" is their third release, and it will surely make the more nostalgic and '80s-loving metalheads shed some tears of joy.

The eight tracks put on display the best shades in which steel can be portrayed in music, always showing passion and pride. The speed metal vein in "Metal Tyrant" comes forth as a fierce rush of adrenaline, while "Soldiers Of The Underground" is an actual anthem to be sung together with friends, mainly thanks to a catchy chorus (one of the strongest elements of the record). The more complex "The Adventurer" is a heroic and introspective reflection, beginning almost as a ballad and transforming into something faster, and "Brothers Of The Black Swords" is the perfect and Domine-flavored namecard. These two songs best exemplify the growth of the band, now capable of creating more intricate songs despite remaining loyal to their core beliefs. This also happens in the obscure and mysterious "Under The Pyramids" and the epic "Beyond The Gates Of The Silver Key", a final act reminiscent of Iron Maiden.

Luca "Fils" Cicero's performance on vocals is heartfelt and in line with the Eighties, hitting higher notes with confidence. The bass guitar played by Andrea Tognetti is often very pleasant, also when it goes solo, while his colleague on drums Niccolò Vanni (already heard with Profanal) works pretty well between power and dynamism. Of course we can't forget the inspired and enthralling work on guitars by Damiano Michetti and Guido Tiberi, including their solos. All five members of the band interact perfectly with one another, compact and well-balanced, creating that added value typical of inspired acts that have worked together for a while.

Compared to Axevyper's previous works, "Into The Serpent's Den" is a more mature, rich, and professional take on heavy metal, not feeling anachronistic despite its main influences, also thanks to the authentic sound obtained at Reload Studios. I believe there is still some room for growth, in the meantime I will enjoy these great and proud eight songs.

«Heavy metal lives forever»