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BOMBTHREAT – Back From Oblivion (The Untold Graveyard Stories)

Band: Bombthreat
Title: Back From Oblivion (The Untold Graveyard Stories)
Year: 2013
Country Germany
Label Self-Released
Contacts: Facebook

  1. My Dear
  2. Meet And Eat
  3. Endless Lamentation
  4. Veni, Vidi, Vici
  5. Silly Sheeps
  6. Manipulated
  7. You Forgot, I Didn't
  8. Perfume
  9. My Confession
  10. Innards On Tray
  11. Mercenary
DURATA: 46:24

Death metal laborers at work, the German band Bombthreat is back and once again they got the job done with notable results. After the powerful and old-school "Breeding Ground Of War" in 2007 , the quintet from Saxony had only released "S:M:F – Live EP" in 2009, thus having us wait for about four years to finally have a listen to their third album in eighteen years: "Back From Oblivion (The Untold Graveyard Stories)".

What’s new about it? Absolutely nothing. The band has just shifted its target slightly more towards the Swedish sound, and here Dismember – previously together with Napalm Death and Bolt Thrower – just became a more important influence on this release; the Scandinavian vibe is further empowered by Grave’s shadow on many songs. Therefore, the atmosphere took some Northern melodic and groovy features, without giving up the strength and rawness that always characterized the band. A proof of that is delivered in the opening triptych "My Dear", "Meet And Eat! and the skull-crasher "Endless Lamentation".

Bombthreat know their job all too well: they accelerate, decelerate, add a little taste of clean sounds and make the guitars lighter in "Veni, Vidi, Vici" or brutally heavier in "Perfume". Although we might point out the lack of actual stand-out songs that could have taken this album above the rest, their proposal keeps an integrity of intent – both in terms of composition and production – that allows "Black From Oblivion" to be enjoyed as an uncompromising death metal performance free from polishing. We should also thank vocalists like Sven "Schimmel" Schimmelpfennig, who gave a hell of a performance at the microphone between growling and yelling without saving any energy, a honest contribution and this is how it should be done.

Why should you listen to these German guys? If you love death metal it doesn’t even need to be asked, they play what each one of us old-school fans wants to bump into once we press "play", isn’t this enough? I won’t keep on adding further reasons, give Bombthreat a chance and these will come by themselves.