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Band: Boobs Of Doom
Year: 2016
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Self-Released

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Translation: Oneiros

  1. D(((O)))(((O)))MHAMMER
  2. The Ice Stone Has Melted!
  3. Tinker Town Vs. The Goblin Slums
  4. Green Jesus Voodoo Warchief
  5. {◕ ◡ ◕} tHE sHA OF hAPPYNESS
  6. Bramblescar, Mankrik's Fury Unending
  7. Peacebloom
RUNNING TIME: 01:10:45

Allow me to welcome on the pages of our webzine a quite unique duo from Glasgow called Boobs Of Doom as I'm here today to introduce you their eighth full-length, that is totally worth being discovered and examined in depth.

First of all, "WOW IS DEAD." has been released as a charityware album: basically, it is totally free, but the band invites you to pay for it making donations in favour of some associations they support; so, if you feel particularly generous, especially if you do enjoy this two Scots' music, you'll find further details on the specific page.

Equally important is the concept which the whole work revolves around: the well-known MMORPG "World Of Warcraft". Why, you may think; well, here's why: the members of the duo, Sadsack and Thumper, did meet while playing to this very game. From this viewpoint, "WOW IS DEAD." can be seen as a tribute to the origins of the group, in homage to what sowed the seed from which the project is born. The story told here is double: on one hand there's a man who finds relaxation from his suffering into this game while on the other we find a vengeful orc; on both sides the main, trigger event is the loss of a beloved one. Say it, you didn't see that coming, right? Such deep, intense themes for a videogame-based album… After all, we're dealing with a band called Boobs Of Doom: you should expect anything from them!

Let's face the music, now: our Scots' «Doom Hop Grimmrokk» appears definitely to be personal and fearless to experiment. The universe depicted by this work is made of acidic colours and psychedelic forms, with apparently static elements that instead transform both themselves and the whole sound-base alike; the mixture of Drone buzzes and liquid, abysmal and lysergic Ambient arrangements acts as a solid constant throughout these almost seventy minutes of music, sometimes highlighting its first side ("The Ice Stone Has Melted!"), sometimes its second. Rhythms on the other hand rely on a consistent, old-school-like Dubstep, with occasional singular, powerful bass drum ("Bramblescar, Mankrik's Fury Unending") and often also on tribal percussions, clearly inserted for example in the twenty minutes long colossus which the disc starts with. Not-so-vague voodoo sections appear in various occasions, the clearest of which is the fifth track, which enhances those traits also within its fantastic title.

The experimental attitude of Boobs Of Doom becomes an evident vein so often that listing every single example found within the album would be quite meaningless. I would anyway like to spend a few words about "Tinker Town Vs. The Goblin Slums", a song that seems to take clearly inspiration from the Rock-Metal world for the double bass drum and from Stoner-Doom for the guitar riffing, melting them into acid in order to make them sound alien — undoubtedly a well-played move. Cohesion between the various tracks is achieved through the use of those kind of sounds, resulting in such a psychedelic and disturbing panorama that the band could possibly make its very own, personal version of every single style; anyway, Sadsack and Thumper prefer to walk paths not too unknown, doing what they know they can do the best, without exceeding in experimenting, and we approve.

In the very end, "WOW IS DEAD." proves to be more than just a good work, capable of entertaining the listener for a definite long time thanks to its sensory distortion and its hallucinogenic power. If you're into videogames and experimental and psychedelic music as much as Sadsack and Thumper do, you're definitely going to enjoy this album.