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CAMOLLÍS – Prólogo

Band: Camollís
Title:  Prólogo
Year: 2013
Country:   Brazil
Label: Pest Productions



  1. I
  2. Distante Pt.1
  3. Revés
  4. Até Logo (Ato I – O Breve Segundo)
  5. Até Logo (Ato II – E O Infinito Momento)
  6. Interlúdio
  7. II
  8. Distante Pt.2
  9. Adeus

Shoegaze and post-rock have been strong influences in the metal world for quite a while now, and some bands have been hit by them more than others, sometimes abandoning their heavier or louder side altogether. The most influenced genre in this sense is definitely black metal, and we don't even need to name the bands that went on to become the symbols of this trend.

Many labels are dedicating more and more space to these ethereal and somewhat meditative sounds, with Pest Productions firmly occupying one of the front seats in this respect (Súl Ad Astral and Celephaïs). Under such circumstances, it might very well happen that a multi-instrumentalist like the Brazilian B. Carolino (already part of the blackgaze project The Last Days) decides to work by himself on an almost completely metal-free disc: the final result is "Prólogo", a debut with quite a long history behind.

Camollís came to life in order to put Carolino’s personal ideas into music, he had worked on every aspect of it (from the music to the artwork) between 2008 and 2009; the album was produced and mixed only at the beginning of 2011, while the physical release by Pest Productions came out in July 2013. "Prólogo" is a completely instrumental album, introduced by a text written in Portuguese that works as a prologue as suggested by the title. As is usually the case for discs of this kind, we have references to dreams and to a faraway ethereal land where we might have chance to rest our fatigued limbs.

The album is divided into two chapters roughly representing the two parts of this journey, which actually is more similar to a long wait, a prologue to something that will eventually happen. The dreamland is suggested, evoked, but probably never reached; it is far during the first track ("Distante Pt.1") and so it stays in the eighth ("Distante Pt.2"). Also, Carolino seems to be exceedingly fond of dividing his works into chapters and parts, since almost everything here has two sections. The title of the second chapter seems to imply that we have reached the state in which "all we have is this brief moment", but we remain in a dreamlike dimension and not a tangible one, given that there is any difference between the two in the world imagined by the Brazilian musician.

The bluish shades we see in the artwork accompany us through over fifty minutes of music: the percussions are most of the times not invasive and the guitar echoes in our mind painting "notes that float towards the horizon". "Distante Pt.2" is a quite canonical post-rock song, starting very calmly and then progressively building a crescendo in the second part. The final track "Adeus" can be read in different ways: perhaps we have reached the faraway land, or maybe we are just waving goodbye to that vision before going back to our everyday life. This song is basically a long track which alternates instrumental passages reminiscent of ambient music and moments of utter silence, highlighting the coexistence of the two planes of reality.

In short, Camollís managed to create an enjoyable instrumental album that fans of atmospheric post-rock/shoegaze music might like. This is not a fast-paced album and it doesn't feature any trace of metal, so don’t expect sudden accelerations or shrieks of pain here and there, which are part of Carolino's other project, The Last Days.