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CHAPTER V: F10 – Syndrome

Band: Chapter V: F10
Title: Syndrome
Year: 2015
Country: Ukraine
Label: Bloodred Distribution

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  1. Progression
  2. Reclaim
  3. Nectar
  4. Hollow
  5. Mercury
  6. Ending

This is the second time we meet Bloodred Distribution, a Ukrainian black metal devoted to the purest black metal, this time featuring Chapter V: F10's debut. This duo from Kiev consists of Astaroth Merc (also known for his work with Raventale) — all instruments and music — and Howler on vocals.

"Syndrome" comes on as elegant but minimal, with a six-panel digipak completely black on the outside, only sporting two images and lyrics in Ukrainian. No frills in the music either: the band's atmospheric black metal is capable of alternating fierce and melodic passages, alternating blast beats and mid-tempos. The feelings at play here are quite homogenous, despite the diversity in tone and rhythms, here reminiscent of Katatonia and there of something much heavier, seemingly without continuity. Therefore, this record is probably better if taken all together, instead of one track at a time.

Given my linguistic ignorance concerning Ukrainian, I can only rely on the titles translated in English, but that is not enough for me to fully comprehend Astaroth Merc and Howler's work in conceptual terms. Before concluding, I should mention that the wadded production might make "Syndrome" better suited for  headphones instead of speakers, and it would be a pity if you couldn't fully enjoy the guitar work because of that slight loss in definition.

In short, black metal by Chapter V: F10 is complete and well-balanced, another good find by Bloodred Distribution, and you can see it yourself on Bandcamp.