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CHIRAL – Gazing Light Eternity

Band: Chiral
Title: Gazing Light Eternity
Year: 2016
Country: Italy
Label: Self-Released

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Translation: Oneiros

  1. Part I (The Gazer)
  2. Part II (The Haze)
  3. Part III (The Crown)
  4. Part IV (The Hourglass)

Today we're welcoming on the virtual pages of our beloved Webzine a quite prolific Italian artist involved in various projects (such as Il Vuoto and |||), Chiral, and we're doing it by reviewing for you his latest solo album, entitled "Gazing Light Eternity".

The work presents itself to our eyes with a cover image that recalls the world of nature and its most hidden and arcane aspects, a thought that is going to be confirmed by the music itself: in these forty minutes, Chiral manoeuvres through Black Metal and Ambient, fields which he's definitely comfortable with, taking inspiration from some famous bands such as Lustre for the obsessive repetitiveness of certain parts, Wolves In The Throne Room for the shattering sounds and also Agalloch, whose influence is recognisable here and there. Sub solem nihil novum est, in fact Chiral already proved that he learnt the lesson of his masters; but this doesn't mean or imply that this work is a copy of the previous one, on the contrary: even if he had the same ingredients, Chiral managed to combine them obtaining a brand new result, similar but different from its forerunner.

The most substantial couple of tracks of the album is clearly the one oriented the most towards Black Metal, taking its strenght at first from the guitars, capable of switching from tremolo picking to dissonant riffs that relates vaguely to Depressive; in both the cases, but expecially in the second one, the choice of the constant repetition of simple melodies results to be a winning move, allowing Chiral to built upon them the whole rest of the compositions. The feelings of stillness and melancholy are indeed broken by elements such as a truly various rhythm section, able to change the rhythm only when it's needed, but also by the insertion of clear keyboards which brings some bright reflection. The acoustic sections included in the central part of "The Gazer" deserves to be mentioned separately, for they manage to render the song unique with their rather Mediterranean flavoured sound. The atmospheres are realised with mastery, both in the more pushed moments and in the still ones: with the Dark Ambient mysterious shade of "The Hourglass" on one hand, and the spoken word followed by keyboards and acoustic guitars on "The Haze", it's not difficult to admit that Chiral is surely capable of recreating a certain kind of feelings through his own music.

If we want to be nit-picky, sometimes the sound of the bass drum is way too dry so that it emerges more than it should, expecially in those moments when its presence is already strong. However, the production work made on the album is more than good and there's no real problem on that side: the final sound is well-finished and enhances every single detail.

"Gazing Light Eternity" in the end confirms Chiral to be a musical reality worth to be followed, for he's capable of giving new life and a brand new face to his music without rejecting his personal style: for this reasons I can't do anything but suggest you to give it a listen.