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COLDAWN – …In The Dawn

Band: Coldawn
Title: …In The Dawn
Year: 2018
Country: Australia / Venezuela
Label: Avantgarde Music / Flowing Downward

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  1. Spectral Horizon
  2. My Escape
  3. The Essence
  4. Only Moments
  5. La Primavera No Llegará Esta Vez
  6. …In The Dawn
  7. This: Over
  8. My Destiny

This year we have already reviewed quite a few records belonging to the wide world of post-black metal, such as the Italian acts Falaise and Seventh Genocide, or several foreign bands like Soul Dissolution and many more. In this case, we move even further away from here, since Coldawn is a duo consisting of the Australian multi-instrumentalist B. and the Venezuelan vocalist Ausk, officially debuting here with "…In The Dawn", following their name change from the previous Beyond The Dawn.

This is also one of the first releases by Flowing Downward (a sublabel of Avantgarde Music), which makes their musical landscape pretty clear. Apart from the two full-time members, this record also saw session contributions by Tim Yatras (Germ, Austere, Autumn's Dawn and so on) and B.M. (Skyforest), adding some extra international flavor.

If you are familiar with all the names that were mentioned up to here, it is very likely that the instrumental intro "Spectral Horizon" will make you feel really good (or really bad, depending on the meaning you give to these two words) thanks to the guitars played by B. So begins our inner journey through the dawn of a consciousness about to face the universe, through distorted guitars and screams (with a solid performance by Ausk).

Here I would like to highlight two tracks: "The Essence", which somewhat represents the essence of the album, starting with a delicate keyboard intro and synths, gradually growing up to the explosion around the middle of the song, and "La Primavera No Llegará Esta Vez", some sort of very alcestesque post-ballad, featuring a few passages sung in Spanish by a woman's voice.

As you can imagine, "…In The Dawn" is not an album that will change the course of post-black or blackgaze (call it however you want), but I believe fans of this subgenre will enjoy it. Lastly, the cover artwork is very evocative, portraying the dawn of a new consciousness, which might help us comprehend our mysterious destiny.