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COLTSBLOOD – Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness

Band: Coltsblood
Title: Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness
Year: 2017
Country: Great Britain
Label: Candlelight Records

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness
  2. Mortal Wound
  3. The Legend Of Abhartach
  4. Ever Decreasing Circles
  5. The Final Winter

The audience follows the events on stage as if hypnotized and everybody lets themselves be transported to ecstasy by the notes in the most emotional moments. Anyone who has already attended a Death-Doom Metal live show will know this scene. The Liverpool trio called Coltsblood is running with their second album "Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness" for a place in the hearts of lovers of slow and gloomy notes.

If in 2014 the band invited us to explore the immense depths of the human soul, with the new album it will kidnap us towards the brilliant darkness of the universe. The atmosphere created is at once majestic and meditative. Coltsblood mainly play viscous and heavy rhythms, but sometimes they shake us with angry quick shots. These slaps and other details (like the bass lines) reminded me of Autopsy. Some spatial sounds lead us instead to believe that these musicians appreciate stuff like early Pink Floyd's psychedelic works. The promotional text also says: «For fans of early Winter and Grief»; in this regard, we add their colleagues Ophis.

What else to say? Three songs on "Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness" exceed the ten-minute mark, but without spreading boredom. This confirms how much the three Britons master their Death-Doom craft.