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COMITY – A Long, Eternal Fall

Band: Comity
Title:  A Long, Eternal Fall
Year: 2017
Country:  France
Label: Throatruiner Records / Translation Loss Records

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  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV
  5. V
  6. VI
  7. VII
  8. VIII

We had left Comity at the end of 2011 with "The Journey Is Over Now", the title of which almost risked becoming a prophecy, considering the long time that has passed until the digital release of "A Long, Eternal Fall" in December 2016. Today I will be covering its physical version, published by Throatruiner and Translation Loss in May 2017.

Let's start from the band's name, as the word «comity» defines an atmosphere of agreement, consensus, mutual respect; yes, exactly what you would expect from a band deeply rooted in hardcore. We can say that, in the patterns of "A Long, Eternal Fall", there is a lot of Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan, and other similar entities. Differently from its precedecessor, this time we have eight songs which are not very long (apart from "VII", even featuring a post-rock moment), at the same time they proceeded on the path of the tracks simply entitled with numbers. Unfortunately, at least in the version I am covering here, there is no trace of lyrics (which are of course impossible to understand by simply listening).

Nevertheless, the intense cover artwork (by Francis Passini and Peggy Le Guern) gives us some interesting insights into the world portrayed by Comity. An endless and (apparently) human queue aimlessly wandering through a barren scenery, representing our eternal and clueless fall. The quartet is well aware of their musicianship and managed to reach a good balance of their different natures. Here you can find aggressiveness, discomfort, will to fight, there is pretty much anything you might be looking for in such an album, starting from the opener (an instrumental song growing up until the explosion in "II").

In brief, if you have been waiting for Comity's next work with excitement, you will not be disappointed. This is also true for fans of this style in general, as you won't be able to break off easily from the eight chapters sculpted through heavy hammer blows (and some sparse chiselling) by Nicolas, Yann, Thomas and Francois, on this long, eternal fall into the abyss.