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CONVOCATION – Scars Across

Band: Convocation
Title:  Scars Across
Year: 2018
Country:   Finland
Label: Everlasting Spew Records



  1. Disposed
  2. Ruins Of Ourselves
  3. Allied POWs
  4. Scars Across

As far as I'm concerned, "Scars Across" was already one of the most interesting records of this 2018 even before 2018 began. In fact, when Convocation's debut teaser went online last year, I was so convinced of the goodness of the music to pre-order the record. Now that I have had a few months to assimilate it, I am going to tell you about it, convinced in my opinion that I am telling you about a very interesting release.

Convocation is a duo from Finland, composed of LL and MN, two mysterious characters turning their backs to the camera in the promotional photos, but whose experiences in other bands are already quite well known: the former in Desolate Shrine; Dark Buddha Rising and Katakombi for the latter, just to show you some.

The music contained in the fifty minutes of "Scars Across" is an abyss moving between death and doom metal which emanates metaphysical darkness from its center to subject the unfortunates to pure despair. The boundary with an otherworldly funeral doom is often crossed, but slowness is not an obligation for Convocation, who are often not afraid to throw themselves headlong into violent passages that add dynamics to the compositions. There is also a melodic side in this work: the use of keyboards is not overblown, yet of absolute effect, as in the first track "Disposed", where the notes of this instrument emphasize the mysterious aura. The band's mastery of this kind of music is out of question, this is also proved by the tempo changes in all the songs, in particular I report what happens in the second half of the final "Scars Across", which accompanies us with its poetic anguish until the album is closed.

Convocation prove to be able to create metal capable of striking bonecrushingly heavy on the listeners, without being therefore indigestible or monothematic. There is also some praise for the production, which is well studied and enhances the supernatural soul of the release. The author is fascinated by the existential threat that hangs over us while listening to it, and invites the curious to get closer, aware of the fact that once trapped in its coils it will be too late.