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Band: Convulsif
Title: IV
Year: 2016
Country: Switzerland
Label: Cheap Satanism Records / L'È Tütt Folklor Records / Acoustic Desaster Records / Grinding Rebellion Records / Tandori Records / Get A Life! Records

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Translation: Oneiros

  1. Hunting For Teeth
  2. Why Hide
  3. Two Of A Kind
  4. Solemn Creatures
  5. When The Day Breaks
  6. Everyone Will Fail
  7. Reason Of Sleep
  8. Everyone Will Fall

The Swiss experimental band Convulsif is back with some cool masks and a new album, released a few months ago after last year's live recording.

The unpredictability of Loïc Grobéty's creature has stayed the same as the unusual instrumentation, including a clarinet and a violin hardly recognizable due to the mistreatment received through the playing, and proved to be the trademark of the band. The quartet wanders aimlessly exploring a wide range of extreme genres, appropriating and re-elaborating them in a way which is able to constantly emphasise the rhythm section; bass and drums themselves are the two elements that allow this continuous back and forth of genres, thanks to the ability to range from out-bursting blast beats, pachydermic movements coming from the most extreme side of Doom, Punk patterns and odd time signatures. Just think that the entire work begins with a meditative Drone Doom song lasting more than eight minutes, and that the following one changes completely range, with a sort of Hardcore in which progressive dynamics make their way.

Seamlessly without continuity among the songs, the skill of the band consists in being able to connect every single element of this melting pot with a really personal style. Skimming the track list you'll notice the Black Metal influences into the bass notes of "When The Day Breaks", even if it evolves into a fierce Grindcore which ends with a purely noisy ending; likewise surprising are "Two Of A Kind" and "Reason Of Sleep", characterised by Prog resemblances and emotional crescendos that may vaguely remind Post-Rock, except the continuous throwback to the world of extreme that appears as Drone Doom in these cases.

Moreover, the bulky presence of noises that seem to belong to another world makes the listening very alienating and difficult; the sounds are perpetually heavy, gloomy and disturbing, and whatever form they assume they tend to always surround the listener and hold them into a grip with no way out: the aggressiveness of "Solemn Creatures" and "Everyone Will Fail" is the best example. The reduced use of vocal elements enhances furthermore the inhuman sense of estrangement, and on the other hand their rare appearances prove not to have an angelic aspect, as can be heard in "When The Day Breaks" with its unrestrained screams.

"IV" is everything but an easy album, and because of this every single lover of experimental extremism is going to really appreciate it. Convulsif confirms to be an act in good shape, definitely worth to be followed.