CRYSTAL PYRAMID – Enter The Beyond

CRYSTAL PYRAMID – Enter The Beyond

Band: Crystal Pyramid
Title: Enter The Beyond
Year: 2016
Country: Italy
Label: Via Nocturna

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  1. Shattered Reminiscence
  2. Upon The Peak Of Revelation
  3. Voluntary Extinction Center
  4. The Arrival At The Guillotine-Execution
  5. House Of The Two Spirits
  6. Across The Battlefield's Ruins Of The Ethereal Desert
  7. Winterfall

This is not the first time we come across someone hailing from the apparently resurrected scene of the Marche region, and this time we encountered Alt Kaiserbauer, an underground character already known for his work on grindcore (with Insulter) and delirium (with Unleashedogs), among other acts. Together with his new partner in crime Ashgath (also known for his solo black metal project), they have decided to explore the world of doom metal.

Both the name Crystal Pyramid and the cover artwork refer to the legend of the pyramid allegedly located under the Bermuda Triangle, "Enter The Beyond" is an attempt at unraveling the mysteries hiding beyond our perceptions, a dark journey through visions of voluntary extinction and apocalypse. Nevertheless, despite these premises, here we won't really find a standard doom metal record, but more of a mixture of the more recent Candlemass works, the fierce riffing inspired by Italian metal "à la Spite Extreme Wing" (this impression was particularly strong in the opener "Shattered Reminiscence"), and even an unexpected incursion into gothic/atmospheric territories reminiscent of early Lake Of Tears, in "House Of The Two Spirits".

The duo, here supported by session bass player Edoardo Biondini, has put up an intriguing debut work that is not afraid of exploring the many different faces of the immense world that is doom metal, also giving it a distinctive and personal vibe thanks to the diverse background of the both of them. The dual work on vocals is also really interesting, mostly featuring solemn and obscure verses, but also including several instances of screaming whenever necessary ("Winterfall"). Anguish and despair will follow us for about forty-five very successful minutes, offering a chance for existential meditation and war against horrors both known and unknown.

"Enter The Beyond" was initially released digitally in March 2015, before being published by Polish label Via Nocturna in April 2016. At the beginning of the year, Crystal Pyramid had also welcomed Stefano Viola (founder of the Italian thrash metal act Obliterated) as their new guitarist, so as to allow Ashgath to switch to bass as well. Here at Aristocrazia Webzine we are very curious to follow the future endeavors of this band and all the other projects coming from the often overlooked Adriatic coast.

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