From Slovenia with hate, Dalkhu's lamentation

DALKHU – Lamentation And Ardent Fire

Band: Dalkhu
Title: Lamentation And Ardent Fire
Year: 2018
Country: Slovenia
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Contacts: Facebook  Bandcamp
Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Profanity Galore
  2. I Am
  3. Rime
  4. A Race Without Hope
  5. Gaps Of Existence
  6. The Dead Sleep With Their Eyes Open
  7. Night

Dalkhu continue their path of growth: three years have passed from the valid Descend… Into Nothingness, now the band returns with a new album and a partnership with the Polish label Godz Ov War, which knows a lot about central European black and death metal. After having left the previous label Satanath, Jure “Sorg” G.’s creature on the occasion of the third album changed skin for the third time. The beautiful illustration this time is a work by Misanthropic Art, but the fundamental changes are to be found in the lineup, which has become a trio: the drums returned to their historical drummer, Kalki, who has played in Dalkhu from the beginning but for some reasons unknown to us he didn’t take part in the previous work, while at the microphone we find Lucerus, third singer for as many albums.

From the musical point of view, Lamentation And Ardent Fire is a clear step forward compared to its predecessor, mainly for one reason: its cohesion. Descend… Into Nothingness was an absolutely daring work, with many elements inside of it, and J.G. must have noticed, because for this new album he decided to dry all of his references a lot. Dalkhu‘s sound is still perfectly between death and black metal, but it does not draw more from this and that, it no longer looks like a fascinating jumble of anything that has come out in the last thirty years between Tampa, Bergen and Stockholm. In Lamentation… there is more order, more consistency, more concreteness, and J.G. has managed to build a personal album, and its main references are to be found between the Swedish band Dissection and the Polish band Hate, without disdaining some slashes with very sharp blades, just to not forget their hard and pure black metal origins.

However, cohesion does not mean monotony, and Dalkhu are anything but repetitive: mid- and up-tempos, screams and growls, even some choruses (“The Dead Sleep With Their Eyes Open”), Lamentation… offers the whole handbook of the extreme contemporary headbanger. Indeed, it sometimes exaggerates a bit and towards the bottom launches itself in some circus number close to the previous album: the nearly seven minutes of the closing track “Night” contains at least three different songs. Beyond this slight excesses, the only element that the Slovenian crew might have to work on is the lyrics: a pleasant and well-constructed album like this would deserve verses, if not up to par, at least correct and without the usual grammar mistakes.

Not lacking in some fundamental defects, but at the same time endowed with good personality and great charm, Dalkhu are ready to grow their followers exponentially.