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DAN DEAGH WEALCAN – Fragmented Consciousness

Band: Dan Deagh Wealcan
Title: Fragmented Consciousness
Year: 2016
Country: Russia / Ukraine
Label: Another Side Records

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  1. theArt?Of:Login
  2. Neednothing
  3. Number*Nine
  4. [Stuck.in.This]
  5. I'am=Confused
  6. GreatAttractor
  7. In5tasis
  8. strangeWAR
  9. bleedThrough:
  10. Private_asylum
  11. Broken)Cluster
  12. A-Void
  13. Memory+Mngmnt
  14. De.Fragmentation
  15. Enou8h..
  16. Dissolution:176

The project Dan Deagh Wealcan — that we can by now legitimately define as a duo — was one of the most interesting musical "things" that I had discovered over the course of 2015, with its tangible contemporary taste and its attention towards a lot of genres. Unfortunately, "Fragmented Consciousness" has reached my desk almost a year after its release (mid-February 2016), while the two have released another album entitled "Fragmented Life in November, and are even working on their fifth record, scheduled for publication in 2017.

I am usually not a big fan of bands releasing so much material in such a short time, although I think I might treat this Russian/Ukrainian duo as some sort of an exception. We know we live in an era of utter speed and each one of us receives a constant bombing of all sorts of information, and this extreme connection between different worlds and planes seems to be main focus of the works by Mikhail (all music and technical aspects) and Eugene (lyrics and lead vocals), both in conceptual and in strictly musical terms.

The sixteen song titles are a mixture of internet slang, grammatically incorrect words, and special characters, which all hint at the digital world that Dan Deagh Wealcan so perfectly represent. Their music jumps from one style to another, from hardcore to electronic ("strangeWAR"), flirting with metal (a very good example of this schizophrenia is "[Stuck.In.This]"), at times reminding me of the best passages by late Nineties Marilyn Manson, while another very evident influence is Nine Inch Nails, as we can hear for example in "I'am=Confused". The two musicians maintained a very visual approach to their creation, and this aspect clearly comes out in their music videos, for example "Broken)Cluster" appears to be a representation of the extreme fragmentation of our cognitive processes and of the infinite multi-tasking our brains are subject to.

We can say that Dan Deagh Wealcan proceeded with great awareness on the path opened with their previous work, and they can surely attract fans of music that cannot be labeled easily (as we had seen with the French duo Chenille). At this point, we will have to see if and how they will manage to keep up with this crazy pace in composition, releasing full-length albums less than a year from one another, for now I can say I am satisfied with their work up to "Fragmented Consciousness".