DARKSPACE – Dark Space III I | Aristocrazia Webzine


Band: Darkspace
Title: III I
Year: 2014
Country: Switzerland
Label: Avantgarde Music

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Translation: LordPist

  1. Dark 4.18
  2. Dark 4.19
  3. Dark 4.20

Fifteen years of activity during which four conceptually brilliant records were conceived, at the same time staying minimalistic in terms of evolution: this is a synthesis of Darskpace, black-ambient trio from Bern, Switzerland.

With "III" the band had already abandoned the muddy sound typical of their earlier lo-fi productions. The first track of this new work — cryptically entitled "III I" — confirms the direction they chose in 2008, taking us up to the freezing depths of outer space with its clear sound. Zhaaral leaves his mark with some arpeggioes, characterized by the light and enjoyable taste we usually find in his compositions. Three chilling voices intertwine and are at times sustained by richer rhythms, while the immensity here generated creeps inside our spine with much use of electronic themes reminiscent of Jean-Michel Jarre. Zorgh's bass stresses the crucial contribution from the drum machine.

This work puts some more facets of Darkspace on display: their ability to create atmospheres so nagging and frightening as to schock the listener, the occasional use of grandiose sections, or the "headbanging" bits, both slow and fast. It might come as a surprise to some listeners to hear guitar solos here, played by the one who seems to be the main character in this album, Zhaaral. The ambient passages that connect the three movements seem to suggest a desperate escape on a spaceship, foreshadowing an anxious descent instead of a relaxing pause. The careful approach to production in "III I" highlights each note and each shade of sound, filling the entire environment.

Darkspace rediscovered themselves, reinventing their sound in order to deliver a refreshing, complex, and appropriately demanding work.