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DEMENTIA AD VITAM – L’Éloge De L’Origine

Band: Dementia Ad Vitam
Title:  L'Éloge De L'Origine
Year: 2014
Country:   France
Label: Pest Productions

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  1. Observer, Comme L'Infàme Ignorant
  2. L'Hideuse Folie De Cet Etre
  3. Malades Et Souffrants
  4. Ceux Qui Ne Voulaient Voir
  5. Plus Maitre De Rien
  6. Les Yeux Fermés
  7. A L'Aube De L'Obédience
  8. Souvenirs Des Doux Bois
  9. L'Arsenic Des Regrets
  10. Les Corbeaux Du Temple
  11. La Voix Des Opprimés
  12. Les Atomes Impatients
  13. Les Terres Retrouvées
  14. Aussi Loin Que L'On Pourra
  15. L'Énigme Imparfaite

Anxiety approaches, piano keys dig into us down to our innermost fears. A Sauronian all-seeing eye seems to be staring at us from the cover — realized in a restless style with warm colors — before giving way to the white and blue desolation of the inside of one the best artworks I have had chance to see this year.

Dementia Ad Vitam — atmospheric dark folk from France — reached their third album "L'Éloge De L'Origine". The record straight away puts on display great coexistence of its ambient elements with the actual instruments. During the first part, the scenes that come to mind reminded me of those seemingly quiet moments that characterized the videogame franchise "Silent Hill". It is mainly the piano — played by Alexandre and Philippe — that accompanies us through a dimension halfway between dreams and nightmares, alternating with the reflections (in French) on the human condition and the spirit of the Earth, Gaia. "L'Éloge De L'Origine" is divided into three parts (five tracks each) signaled with different colors in the booklet, and focusing on various themes and atmospheres.

In terms of music, this album separates itself to some extent from what the French act had done in the past, but the trio follows on their choice (in my opinion, a right one) of using French for the lyrics. Dementia Ad Vitam's third work was released in only 300 copies through Owltree, Pest Productions' new series dedicated to dark folk. The extreme attentiveness concerning the musical, technical, and visual aspects contribute to making this an album to have, especially if you already are into this style. This is a complete record, the trio gave birth to a long work (more than one hour) that will keep on surprising the listener at each track and behind each noise coming from a rusty gate. Coralie's presence adds even more variety with her voice and violin, while many different instruments appear here and there throughout the journey. Unfortunately, I don't know French enough to be able to give a thorough reading of its contents, but I can't but praise "L'Éloge De L'Origine" and include it into my non-metal albums list of the year.