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DEUIL – Acceptance / Rebuild

Band: Deuil
Title: Acceptance / Rebuild
Year: 2013
Country: Belgium
Contacts: Bandcamp

  1. Acceptance
  2. Rebuild

Less than half an hour of music is what we get from Deuil's debut album, "Acceptance / Rebuild". The newly formed Belgian band introduced theirselves with an EP of two tracks that may not be perfect, but shows the good qualities of the four guys from Liège.

At its heart, Deuil's music is a cloudy Black Metal, packed of acid melodies and surrounded by a typical Post Hardcore virulence: the resulting musical tangle is dense and dark, finding its strenght in melancholy and distressing negativity. The Doom influences give way to an hypnotic procession of catastrophic feelings, and the unraveling of "Acceptance" and "Rebuild" conjures an even more black and painful dimension.

Deuil creates frescoes full of pain and dissonant anguish, monoliths of caustic resignation, magmatic streams of overwhelming discomfort: the band gives expression to an excruciating flow of oppression, affecting the mind and the emotions more than the ears. Biting anger and greyish slowdowns are skillfully balanced and produce twenty-seven minutes of existential unease, leaving us dumb and defenseless against an enormous amount of spiritual torment.

"Acceptance / Rebuild" is a work of small magnitude, and Deuil still need to grow and sharpen their style, but it's already clear that we can expect interesting results from the future of these Belgian guys. Stay tuned!